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And it swished…On October 31, Jason Kidd made a shot from 75 ft. wearing his Halloween PEAK shoes that we posted earlier.

In the second quarter of the Mavericks’ victory over the Los Angeles Clippers 99-83, Kidd grabbed a rebound from Baron Davis and made the outstanding        shot from 75 feet.

Pretty incredible.  We love these moments in the NBA.


PEAK’s player Sasha Vujacic of the Los Angeles Lakers announced that he asked is girlfriend Maria Sharapova to marry him and she accepted!  Congrats to Sasha and Maria.

“We are engaged and are both  really happy,” said Vujacic.  “It’s good and now we can focus on other things.”

Sharapova, 23, and Vujacic, 26, have been dating for over a year.  Vujacic popped the question in his Manhattan Beach, California home.


Peak released two holiday shoes for Shane Battier and Jason Kidd.  Shane Battier’s shoe displays Count Dracula with spooky blood splatters.  Jason Kidd’s shoe displays a Zeus the God of war with lightening bolts.






























































We don’t have to say who dominates the sports apparel and footwear world in the U.S.  But now there are new players entering the game that want to become the new dominate sports brand in the U.S.

So, who will win?  Even more importantly: Will it ever change from the current superpower status?

PEAK thinks so.  PEAK senses a real craving in people for a unique new option.  Everyone knows the current brands.  Kids see something new and want to know more.

You may not know this, but PEAK comes to the U.S. from China.  In fact, PEAK is an already well established brand in China with more than 6,000 retail stores.

You may also not know that PEAK is not the only Asian based sportswear brand contending for a piece of the American Pie.

Despite this, PEAK is confident.  PEAK has assembled a team of young, fresh and hungry individuals to develop the brand in the U.S.  PEAK wants to become what the U.S. consumer is craving for.

Our designers work closely with our NBA players to design a shoe that they love.  We try to improve every design with every player.  We want our fans to buy a shoe that was designed for them by not only our designers, but by their favorite players.

No one can say who will be number one in 10 years.  But PEAK will fight every second until they get a piece of the pie.  Or better, a second serving.

Recently, PEAK signed Patrick Patterson of the Houston Rockets to endorse the company’s basketball shoe and apparel products.  The deal is a multi-year long term agreement.

Selected by the Rockets with the 14th pick in this year’s NBA draft out of the University of Kentucky, Patterson ranks as one of the top power forward prospects and is expected to be one of the most versatile rookies in the upcoming NBA season.

After seeing Patterson’s impact in Kentucky, PEAK’s decision was easily made to sign this outstanding player. Helping to lead the Kentucky Wildcats to an Elite Eight appearance in this year’s NCAA tournament, Patterson’s accomplishments at Kentucky included being named 2008 SEC Co-Freshman of the Year, two-time first team All-SEC, 2009 first team AP Pre-Season All America and the 10th fastest player to reach Kentucky’s 1,000-point club in 58 games.

PEAK endorses 9 NBA players, ranking them third in NBA endorsements. PEAK’s roster includes Ron Artest of the Los Angeles Lakers, Sasha Vujacic of the Los Angeles Lakers, Carl Landry of the Sacramento Kings, Shane Battier of the Houston Rockets, Kyle Lowry of the Houston Rockets, Jason Kidd of the Dallas Mavericks, Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Jason Richardson of the Phoenix Suns and Patrick Patterson of the Houston Rockets.

PEAK’s COO Grant Zhou explained the importance of choosing players that fit PEAK.

We want to work with players that represent PEAK positively on and off the court,” said Zhou.

I am very excited to join the PEAK family.” said Patterson.  “My relationship with PEAK provides the opportunity to partner with a leading China brand as I establish my own global brand.  I look forward to growing with PEAK as my professional career begins.”

PEAK is optimistic in the signing with Patterson because his career is just beginning, and he has great potential explained PEAK’s CEO Jia Su.

Patterson comes from a positive past that shows maturity, great work ethic and a well-mannered individual,” said Su.  “He is now the third player from the Houston Rockets that PEAK signed, and we look forward to moving at full speed toward a successful future together.”

Su went on to describe PEAK’s legacy and focus on the future.

PEAK is the number one basketball company in China and dominates the basketball industry in China.  We wish to become an international brand in the future.”