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We don’t have to say who dominates the sports apparel and footwear world in the U.S.  But now there are new players entering the game that want to become the new dominate sports brand in the U.S.

So, who will win?  Even more importantly: Will it ever change from the current superpower status?

PEAK thinks so.  PEAK senses a real craving in people for a unique new option.  Everyone knows the current brands.  Kids see something new and want to know more.

You may not know this, but PEAK comes to the U.S. from China.  In fact, PEAK is an already well established brand in China with more than 6,000 retail stores.

You may also not know that PEAK is not the only Asian based sportswear brand contending for a piece of the American Pie.

Despite this, PEAK is confident.  PEAK has assembled a team of young, fresh and hungry individuals to develop the brand in the U.S.  PEAK wants to become what the U.S. consumer is craving for.

Our designers work closely with our NBA players to design a shoe that they love.  We try to improve every design with every player.  We want our fans to buy a shoe that was designed for them by not only our designers, but by their favorite players.

No one can say who will be number one in 10 years.  But PEAK will fight every second until they get a piece of the pie.  Or better, a second serving.